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Electronic Health Record

indici is the next step in cloud-based, richly integrated EHR platforms. Built to empower, indici gives providers and patients the tools they need to move beyond the restrictions of traditional healthcare models.




Active Patient Records


Prescriptions Generated

indici Extended Suite

The indici Extended Suite contains a range of advanced solutions, underpinning a modern, vibrant healthcare ecosphere across New Zealand.

indici Population Health

A platform for managing population health and high impact health events.

indici Telehealth

An advanced, patient-friendly platform for end-to-end virtual consults.

indici Lite

Get up and running with a new PMS in minutes with indici lite.

indici e-Prescribing

A comprehensive prescribing solution. Provided as both integrated and standalone platform.

indici Bio Scan

A revolutionary AI-based health and wellness tool accessible via smartphone and desktop browser.

indici Pharmacogenomics

Genetics-based testing that supports safer, more efficient prescribing.

indici Virtual Wards

Manage your patients in hospital or in the community with indici Virtual Wards.

indici Allied Health

indici supports a wide range of allied health services with advanced workflows for data capture, analysis and reporting.

indici Escalated Care Plans

indici underpins the ACC’s Escalated Care Plans programme for comprehensively managing long term and complex treatment journeys.

indici Highlights

At your Fingertips

Cloud-based and accessible via browser, indici leverages the latest technologies to give healthcare providers unparalleled flexibility.

Direct-to-ACC Gateway

indici’s ACC API allows direct submission to ACC, streamlining a core process within the provider’s workflow.

True Continuum of Care

indici supports secure information sharing and patient transfer through an extensive range of referral channels and integrations, including with the Shared Electronic Health Record (SEHR)

Seamless Financial Management

Avail of indici’s rich array of tools including secure online payments, a billing and eligibility engine for funded services, and integrations with accounting systems such as Xero.

myindici Patient Portal

myindici is a secure, user-friendly patient portal that brings the benefits of healthcare technology direct to the patient.

Features include

Virtual Consults

Online Payment

Care Plan Access

Experts in Onboarding


Put yourself in the hands of our highly experienced indici team who have onboarded 100s of practices to date. We deliver a range of tailored services including Data Migration, Training (remote and onsite), Go-Live Management and Ongoing Learning.

Prioritising Data Privacy and Security

As part of indici’s commitment to provide a secure and trustworthy platform, we have implemented SIEM solution. This represents the latest in security architecture technology, ensuring a robust environment for patients and providers.

What Others are Saying

Changing PMS seems intimidating but the team walked us through each step, and once mastered indici is loved by our staff and more importantly by our patients.

Dr. Jamie Shepherd
Mission Bay Doctors

“There are so many great features in indici and we are still exploring how we can leverage it more for further improving patient care and clinic management.”

-Dr Brett Hyland
Highland Park Medical

“My experience with indici has been exceptional. Their attention to detail, expertise, and dedication to customer service has truly set them apart. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient PMS with a professional team.”

-Dr. Imran Zia
Lifeline Medical Centre