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indici™ is a brand new practice management system that takes health information to a whole new level. It’s not an upgrade. It’s not a slightly better version of what you already know. It’s a revolutionary, modern system for a modern world.

User Friendly

Familiar browser-based look and feel


Follows the natural flow of a patient journey


Designed to plug into and leverage the entire NZ healthcare system

Accessible from anywhere at any time

Providing and receiving great healthcare shouldn’t be restricted to an office, a city or a country. Access indici from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone whenever you have internet access.

“As a rural GP, indici offers me total accessibility not just at the practice but when I’m on the road too. Now I will be able to access patient records through my tablet at any time no matter where I am. So, when I’m visiting a patient, or I’m contacted after hours, I’ll be able to bring up their complete medical record effortlessly.”
indici™ does everything a well-designed, modern patient management system should do. It also has other features which will delight you.

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