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Valentia Technologies launches indici Health Agent, 21 May 2018

Healthcare technology vendor Valentia Technologies broke exciting new ground today by announcing the launch of its indici Health Agent, a voice-controlled virtual assistant that harnesses the power of Valentia’s cloud-based indici population health platform to support users in the day-to-day management of their healthcare.

Built around an integrated electronic shared health record that underpins and connects the provision of healthcare across the New Zealand health ecosystem, indici already comprises a sophisticated practice management toolkit, flexible workflow configuration for specialist services, an inbuilt SNOMED CT server, a patient portal and App, and multiple interfaces with supporting entities, including NHI, NES, NIR, NZF, ACC, eSAM, Medi-Map, Healthpoint, and Healthlink. Indici has been designed to liberate healthcare services from existing strictures, and it accomplishes this both by being cloud and browser-based (enabling access from anywhere at any time) and by breaking down information silos so that everyone involved in a patient’s treatment can collaborate more effectively whilst maintaining a fuller view of the patient’s journey.

As the latest innovation within the indici platform, indici Health Agent brings the benefits of liberated healthcare directly to the patient, creating an important channel between the patient, their practice and their health record. Designed to operate on multiple platforms including Apple and Android devices, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Smart Car, Facebook Messenger and Skype, it can process and respond to the user’s natural voice in order to complete a range of health-related tasks including booking appointments, managing medications and requesting repeat prescriptions, sending messages, recording vitals, and providing healthcare information.

indici Health Agent gives users a much greater freedom in the way that they interact with their healthcare, while also providing them with a smoother experience. And in an era where healthcare and the technologies that support it are increasingly moving towards greater patient engagement, indici Health Agent provides each user with real empowerment, allowing them to access information from their indici health record easily and instantaneously.

Speaking at the start of the Emerging Tech in Health conference in Christchurch New Zealand, Valentia’s President – Technical Services Ahmad Javad said, “Although it is a relatively new technology, artificial intelligence is already making a hugely positive impact across many industries. For healthcare, the really exciting thing about indici Health Agent is that it harnesses the power of healthcare data to open up a very direct channel between users and their healthcare. So when a user wants to book an appointment or is having trouble remembering which medications they are supposed to take and when, all they have to do is ask their indici Health Agent and it will perform the action or provide the information they require. This smoother experience will, in turn, support self-management and preventative care measures. This is what Health 3.0 is all about. And for the patient, for New Zealand healthcare, this is an immensely exciting innovation.”