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indici integrates with Healthpoint

Valentia Technologies today announced the integration of its cloud-based indici practice management system with the Healthpoint directory of New Zealand healthcare services. The integration has been enabled using the Healthpoint FHIR-compatible API gateway.

Established in 2004, the Healthpoint directory is an online repository of constantly-updated information about healthcare providers and the services they offer that is available via the Healthpoint website. According to Healthpoint CEO Kate Rhind, it was a long-standing goal of Healthpoint to integrate with practice management systems. The new API therefore provides indici PMS an easy-to-use, scalable gateway for indici users to access provider information that enables patients to connect with health services.

Kate Rhind added: “Working with organisations such as Valentia to achieve integration of the Healthpoint directory provided Healthpoint with the opportunity to develop a FHIR-compatible API that is very developer-friendly and requires little integration effort. We are already seeing Healthpoint being more widely integrated with New Zealand healthcare”.

Dr Ahmed Javad, President Technical Services of Valentia Technologies, explained: “Access to a structured directory of services has been one of the main limitations to providing quality decision-making capabilities to clinicians at the point of care. However, adoption of FHIR standards-based APIs by Healthpoint has now enabled us to integrate the Healthpoint directory in a meaningful way with indici PMS and our wider product platform.

“While use of bespoke non-standard interfaces has been a limiting factor for interoperability in the past, barriers are now falling due to the increasing use of FHIR and SNOMED CT within the health informatics sector. Valentia’s integration with Healthpoint therefore represents an excellent model of collaboration for adoption by the wider industry.”