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GP2GP information sharing between practices using indici and practices using Medtech, 13 December 2017

There have recently been several reports that GP2GP transfers from indici to Medtech occasionally fail to load all the expected data.

GP2GP is owned by a company called Patients First. It enables medical records to be electronically transferred from one GP to another. The entire medical record is transferred in a structured and searchable format.

For GP2GP to be a successful functioning service, each Practice Management System (PMS) must align itself with Patients First specifications. This way when a file is transferred irrespective of which PMS your practice is on, the patient record will transfer seamlessly.

Rest assured, indici has met all of Patients First specifications and is 100 per cent compliant. indici continually test their environment to ensure the files transferred to other medical practices are still meeting all specifications required by Patients First.

The PMS vendors and Patients First have jointly agreed that the correct approach, should a GP2GP transaction not work, is for the practice to contact their own PMS vendor in the first instance. It is the responsibility of that PMS vendor to own the issue and co-ordinate with the other PMS vendor involved in order to obtain a resolution.

So, should you have any troubles viewing GP2GP files received from an indici practice, please ensure you are on the latest version of your current PMS (if not you will need to update). If still not successful please contact your PMS vendor.

For more information contact indici programme manager Phillip Duncan: Phillip.Duncan@pinnacle.health.nz.