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New happenings in the world of indici | Newsletter update, 14 September 2017

Welcome to Taupo Medical Centre!
You may have noticed we’ve been absent from your inbox for a couple of weeks. That’s because we’ve been very busy in Taupo, bringing Taupo Medical Centre on board with indici. This is one of the larger practices in the Midlands Health Network, adding nearly 50 new users to indici.

After a somewhat difficult first day, the system settled down and we have devoted the last three weeks to making improvements to system response speeds and user experience, and we’ve also resolved resolving issues identified by the practice teams at Taupo Medical Centre and the other practices already using indici.

ICT system changes are always challenging. We are truly grateful to the team at the new practice and the staff at the existing indici practices for their support and tenacity in getting Taupo Medical Centre over the line.

Once again, the project team has learned a number of valuable lessons and we’ll be building those into our process for subsequent practice migrations.

PMAANZ Conference
The Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand (PMAANZ) annual conference was recently held on 8-9 September at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

It was great to engage with a very enthusiastic group of practice managers, and we had a great deal of interest in indici from regions outside Midlands too.

In line with our experience at the GP conferences, we saw significant interest from South Island practices and had visits from a number of practice managers who had seen early demonstrations of indici. Everyone is keen to know when we’ll be ready to start migrations in their regions.

Several of the comments we heard indicated our competition is beginning to take indici very seriously – great to see that credible competition in the market is sharpening up everyone’s game.

Once again, there was a good level of discussion with vendors of other systems and services around interoperability and shared use of clinical information.

Sharpening up
The last three weeks have seen two releases which included many improvements and enhancements.

Valentia identified a number of efficiency improvements in the system, which led to improved system response time overall and others which improve the users’ experience. These changes include:

  • Faster lab result filing – speeding up the process of displaying and filing lab results
  • Faster printing – eliminating delays in rendering documents for printing like prescriptions, lab requests, radiology requests and letters and referrals
  • Patient search functionality enhancements – the addition of a patient search box that is always visible and a patient search function which finds a patient in any of the practice queues
  • improved handling of patient flow amongst providers and roles within the practice.