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New happenings in the world of indici | Newsletter update, 17 July 2017

Contract management goes live
Last week Pinnacle MHN’s contract management system transitioned to a new, purpose built contracts management portal within indici – known as CCR (contracts, capacity, revenue). This is an important step for Pinnacle MHN to better manage contracts, including linking the contract directly to how the contracted services are tracked and co-ordinated.

This first step has migrated all existing contracts to CCR, and all new contracts will be created in CCR going forwards. Over the next few months, more features will be introduced in line with new contract approval processes, which will support and enhance reporting.

Getting CCR to this point has taken a significant amount of collaborative work from Pinnacle MHN and Valentia – congratulations to everyone involved!

Another milestone reached! Messaging enabled for the National Immunisation Register
Following a long period of offline testing we enabled the full NIR messaging component of indici this week for final live validation tests. Once we’ve completed a two-week parallel operation period the beta practice staff will no longer need to submit paper records of immunisations.

Practice dashboard proving its worth
The practice dashboard feature of indici has been in use in the beta testing practices for more than six weeks now. During this time we’ve been fine-tuning the dashboard based on user feedback. Beta practices say the dashboard helps them to focus on key measures, giving them more insight on how their business is performing.