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Clinical Care

indici has been designed through extensive collaboration with clinical professionals of all disciplines. The Clinical Care suite contains a vast range of advanced features and functionality for underpinning seamless healthcare delivery.

Enhanced Clinical Dashboard

indici’s multi-functional clinical dashboard allows users to easily manage the majority of their workload from one screen.

Smart Consultation Toolset

indici’s consultation tool set is teeming with advanced features to flexibly support efficient consultations and improved patient outcomes.

360° Patient Timeline

indici’s revolutionary Patient Timeline displays a chronological view of the patient’s care journey with multiple features for easily finding the information you need.

Seamless Medication Management

indici supports modern, comprehensive and integrated prescribing and medication management, including e-prescribing and the NZePS.

Fully SNOMED Enabled

indici was an early adopter of SNOMED, in recognition of SNOMED’s unparalleled range and its selection as MOH’s coding of choice.

Immunisation Management

indici’s Immunisation suite allows users to easily manage all of their patients’ vaccination needs from birth to old age.

Powerful Referral Platform

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the NZ spectrum of care, indici supports an extensive range of referral mechanisms.