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We are Team indici

Our Story

Here at Team indici, we look back over the last number of years and are blown away by the scale and speed of changes within New Zealand’s healthcare sphere. This is a momentous evolution, one that indici has been at the heart of.

indici was born from a ground-breaking collaboration between Valentia Technologies and the Pinnacle Midlands Health Network. The aim was to provide a practice management system based 100% in the cloud and designed specifically to support joined up healthcare and progressive treatment models such as Healthcare at Home.

In 2017 the switch was flicked at a pilot practice in Hamilton. indici was live, and New Zealand’s healthcare providers had a new and powerful option.

Today we have a tremendously loyal and inspirational client base that extends beyond primary care practices to pharmacies, border management facilities, hospices, telehealth providers, and other specialist services.

And now with new streamlined solutions, it is easier than ever to join the indici network.

All you have to do is give us a call.

The Valentia Network

In addition to indici, Valentia Technologies has designed and developed the following solutions which are implemented at a global level.


Out of Hours Care

Spectrum contact centre and mobile doctor management solution, including video consultations.


Emergency Care

CareMonX end-to-end emergency care platform comprising CAD, MDT and ePCR applications.


Supported Living

Innovacare smart flexible tools for supported living services.


Community Care

VIVASTA. One powerful solution for managing all clinical and administrative aspects of community healthcare delivery.


Enterprise Requirements

Fusion integrated suite for managing non-clinical aspects of your business.

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